Postman Flows

Created: 03 March 2023

Updated: 03 September 2023

Postman is a tool used for making HTTP requests during development that enables easy testing and experimentation with HTTP/REST APIs

Recently Postman released something called Flows which is a visual editor for building API flows between different applications and stitching them together into some kind of output view

Flows can be done to DO things but can also be used to SHOW information based on the data that passes through them

Below is an example of a Postman Flow that reads the posts from my website and lists/counts them when run from postman

Postman flow example

Another example of a Postman Flow is of their Stock dashboard example


For more information on how to build an use a flow you can take a look at the Postman Flows Overview

Postman flows seems targeted at more technical users. In addition to this I think IFTTT is worth taking a look at if you’re interested in doing some small flow-style automations

For a bit of a more self-hosted alernative, you can also take a look at Node-RED