Dev Tools Update

Created: 03 August 2022

Updated: 03 September 2023

Programming Languages

I’ve primarily switched over to Typescript as my language for building applications, but I’ve also been learning Rust for the purpose of building some low-level libraries

For Typescript, something I’ve been finding to be really informative is the Type Challenges Repository which has a lot of challenges along with solutions for modeling and solving complex problems using Typescript’s type system

For Rust, the Rust Book along with the No Boilerplate YouTube Channel have been really informative


The current version of my website is built using 11ty which is a static site generator which uses Javascript and templates for generating HTML from a variety of data sources - in my case just JSON and Markdown files

A lot of the professional work I do revolves around the React and React-Native ecosystem, but I’ve made some changes to my stack for personal projects due to the overhead that comes with using React

For now I’m using 11ty for my website as well as Hugo for some smaller projects

I’ve moved on from Gatsby for my site due to the slow build times as a static site builder - and the unnecessary complexity of graphql for this purpose along with the overall burden of node modules that comes with it

For other projects I’d like to give the Remix Framework a shot for full stack apps. Remix is a full stack framework for building React applications with a pretty cool looking data fetching and project structure

I’ve also been playing around with Tauri for building desktop applications. Tauri uses a Rust backend with a bring-your-own client approach and pretty much uses any client side javascript framework - I’m looking towards Svelte for this since it keeps things a lot more vanilla which is a good break from working with the other major frameworks

Code Editor

I’m back to VSCode after a short stint with NeoVim.

My reasons for leaving NeoVim were mostly due to the amount of setup when switching devices as well as the issues I experienced on Windows where configuration management was a bit inconsistent as well as the dependency management for some plugins became a lot of admin. Even preconfigured solutions like LunarVim and AstroNvim didn’t work well due to lots of compat issues on Windows

As far as VSCode is concerned, some things I’ve been using are:

  • The GitHub Online Editor
  • The GitHub Colorblind Theme (GitHub.github-vscode-theme)
  • Code Spell Checker Extension (streetsidesoftware.code-spell-checker)
  • GitLens Extension (eamodio.gitlens)
  • Hex Editor (ms-vscode.hexeditor)
  • Rust Analyzer Extension (rust-lang.rust-analyzer)
  • Fix Extension (withfig.fig)


Some terminal tools I’ve been enjoying recently are:

  • Hyper - An alternative terminal that’s so far been less sluggish and more customizable than the Windows Terminal application
  • Fig - Provides autocomplete for commands and integrates with loads of CLI tools to provide detailed suggestions and documentations
  • NuShell - A shell that works with the idea of command output as data that can be manipulated and transformed which adds a lot of cool data processing functionality on top of your normal shell comands