Template Literal Types with Typescript

Created: 16 August 2021

Updated: 03 September 2023

Template literal types provide us a way to combine string types or enums in Typescript.

In the below example, we can make use of a string type called Action and an enum called Resource to define a type which is a combination of an action combined with a resource

type Action = 'UPDATE' | 'CREATE' | 'DELETE'

enum Resource {
  Person = 'Person',
  Product = 'Product',
  Sale = 'Sale',

// the `Lowercase` type concerts all string type options to lowercase
type ResourceAction = `${Resource}.${Action}`

Such that the ResourceAction type is now defined as:

type ResourceAction =
  | 'Person.UPDATE'
  | 'Person.CREATE'
  | 'Person.DELETE'
  | 'Product.UPDATE'
  | 'Product.CREATE'
  | 'Product.DELETE'
  | 'Sale.UPDATE'
  | 'Sale.CREATE'
  | 'Sale.DELETE'

Now, if you’re like me - you probably want your types to be consistent in some way. For this purpose, we can use the Lowercase type as follows:

type ResourceActionLowercase = Lowercase<`${Resource}.${Action}`>

Which results in the following types:

type ResourceActionLowercase =
  | 'person.update'
  | 'person.create'
  | 'person.delete'
  | 'product.update'
  | 'product.create'
  | 'product.delete'
  | 'sale.update'
  | 'sale.create'
  | 'sale.delete'