The Archive

A short history of the different iterations of this website


The first "real" version of my website with the main goal of making my notes more easily accessible. Build as a regular-old react app


A rewrite of the 2019 site using the same design and reusing a lot of the components but using Gatsby. The focus of this build was to make the site faster overall and it did a pretty good job at that


The Gatsby site started to struggle to keep up with amount of content and the site started to take ages to build, particularly running into out of memory issues when building in the cloud and was becoming a hassle to maintain. This version was built using Eleventy with a slight redesign to simplify the content structure. I also moved the photography to a different site during this period so this overall design placed a lot less emphasis on imagery compared to previous versions


I was reaching a point where I wanted to try to integrate some more complex functionality into my site as well as make it possible for me to build self-containted applet type things in my site and I wanted a framework that would enable me to play around in that space. This version of the site was written with Astro and had a few small experiments such as a small javascript playground that was all built within the app


The site you're looking at. A complete redesign, still using Astro, but now with MDX